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Eat – Stuffed chilli peppers / Peperoncini ripieni di tonno

A traditional Calabrese snack, these tasty little morsels are a great addition to antipasti. Peperoncini tondi piccanti or spicy round chillies are in season between June and October, so make sure to look out for them at your local market! As they keep, it's best to make a big batch, so feel free to double,… Continue reading Eat – Stuffed chilli peppers / Peperoncini ripieni di tonno

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Discover – The Vibrant City of Palermo, Sicily

It's taken me a while to get round to writing this, mainly because I knew it would be a long one, but since I visited such a long time ago...this post will be short and sweet. I've been urging everyone to go and visit Palermo...this was my first time on the island of Sicily and… Continue reading Discover – The Vibrant City of Palermo, Sicily

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History – The statue of the Little Devil by Giambologna

Have you ever noticed the little devil on the corner of Via degli Strozzi Via de' Vecchietti? The statue by Giambologna commemorates a rather unusual event which happened nearby in 1245 - as Saint Peter Martyr was preaching to the crowds, the Devil appeared in the form of a black horse. In an attempt to… Continue reading History – The statue of the Little Devil by Giambologna

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Discover – Prato

The countless times I've heard locals and tour guides say not too bother visiting Prato is beyond me... I've visited a number of times, and each time I've mentioned it, people seem baffled as "nothing's there". Well I disagree, and with it being a short train ride from Florence, for me it's the perfect way… Continue reading Discover – Prato

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Refresh – Canestrino bianco di Toscana

I adore a good "orange wine" and it's great to discover that Tuscany is home to plenty. It also happens that I live a few doors down from a wine bar/shop which specialises in organic and biodynamic wines too! This beautifully smooth Trebbiano and Malvasia blend is something really special. It's production follows organic and biodynamic… Continue reading Refresh – Canestrino bianco di Toscana

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History – The Church of Orsanmichele 

The Church of Orsanmichele is one of my go to places in's great for when I'm struggling with the heat, or sheltering from the rain. But it's also home to some of the greatest sculptures found in Florence, but that means taking a step outside to appreciate the beautiful sculpted tabernacles which adorn the outside… Continue reading History – The Church of Orsanmichele 

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Art – Masaccio’s Holy Trinity

Probably my favourite church; Santa Maria Novella (detailed post here) is home to one of the best examples of the early Renaissance art, showing a scientific approach of creating the illusion of space in a painting. The Holy Trinity, painted by Masaccio sometime between 1425 - 1427 depicts the three key figures of Christ, God… Continue reading Art – Masaccio’s Holy Trinity