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Discover – The Archaeological Museum of Florence

If you’re feeling tired of all the tourists and all the queues in the sweltering heat of summer, why not head to one of the lesser known museums of Florence to escape the crowds?

The Archaeological Museum of Florence, just off Piazza della Santissima Annunziata is a great place to escape, plus it’s normally empty!

The museums collections were first brought together by objects and artefacts owned by the Medici and Lorraine families – from a vast collection of Egyptian relics, a number of Etruscan artefacts and fantastic Roman and Greek collections… and all for a mere €4.

Open Monday 2pm – 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday 8.30am – 7pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8.3-am – 2pm, and holidays 8.30am – 2pm.

(You can probably tell from the photos that I spent most of my time in the Egyptian section of the museum, but it’s all really interesting!).


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