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Refresh – Vigneto Altura, Ansonaco

Vigneto Altura – Ansonaco. Best enjoyed just below room temperature, this beautiful almost amber coloured wine is a really something special.

From the small island of Giglio, just off the coast of Southern Tuscany, Francesco Carfagna produces this interesting wine from the Ansonaco grape, which was once covering the island, but nowadays is surprising rare. It’s characterised by its’ oval shape and golden colour, with a good strong skin, this wine shows aromas of stone fruits, fresh flowers, honeyed nuts, smokey undertones and candied citrus. It’s an exciting wine a tremendous structure, and certainly one I’ll be returning too time and time again.

Francesco Carfagna came across an abandoned vineyard in 1999 and had a vision to get the vines back into action. Despite the island being covered in Ansonaco in the past, like the rest of Italy the focus turned to tourism and many vineyards were abandoned or redeveloped. Francesco went against the grain, and put his faith in the land – and went about creating a wine with this magical grape.

No herbicides, pesticides, low levels of sulphur, small yields (around 40 hl/ha) and everything is done by hand – a great natural wine if your looking for something a little off piste!





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