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Discover – Cloister of the Scalzo

As the summer seasons begins here in Florence, it’s important to find places to visit in Florence a little of the beaten track! Churches, museums, and gardens all unknown to most tourists are great way to escape the masses!

Once the entrance of a cloister of the Confraternity of Saint John the Baptist, founded in 1376 and named della Scalzo because the cross bearers in the processions were barefoot.


The Confraternity ended in 1785 by order of Pietro Leopoldo of Lorraine and the property was sold off with the exception of the cloister which contain 16 frescoes in chiaroscuro, depicting the Life of Saint John the Baptist.


Painted by Andrea Del Sarto between 1514 and 1524, with the exception of two of the scenes which are by Franciabigio which were painted when Andrea was in Paris in 1518. They have been recently restored, but just a note that they were always without colour as a way to save money!


Look out for a portrait of Dante, and the fresco which looks suspiciously like The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio.


Find the cloister on Via Cavour, just past the Church of San Marco – it’s open Monday, Thursday and Saturday 8.15 – 1.50pm and is free of charge.


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