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History – The Lecture Series of Master Class Florence

I’ll openly admit I want to be a Jack of all trades (but not a master of none).

Wine is my main subject in life, but I have a huge passion for food (I worked as a chef), study art history in my free time, read books on absolutely ANYTHING I can get my hands on, and literally want to know everything I possibly can.

Living in Florence means you’re never short of inspiration, from the magnificent buildings, beautiful pieces of art, the constant reminders of the cities past…but it’s mainly the overly passionate people I meet which are keeping me here.

This month sees the start of the third semester of Master Class Florence, where a group of talented individuals have got together to organise a series of lectures. This time around it’s the Middle Ages, starting with a look into Siena and its’ Cathedral, Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi, my beloved Petrarca and finishing off with a look into the Eastern influences of Marco Polo.

The lectures take place throughout May and June, cost a mere €30 with a 6.00pm start and take place at The Florence Studio on Borgo SS. Apostoli 18 (I have no idea where this is either but will find out tomorrow no doubt).



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