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History – The Lost Church of San Pier Scheraggio

Tucked in-between the Uffizi and the Ponte Vecchio, is all what remains of the church of San Pier Scheraggio – you may have noticed something a little strange about the wall of the Uffizi, or perhaps not given it a second thought, but it has a very interesting history!

Via della Ninna

Built around the year 1000 in Dante’s neighbourhood, the church was home to frescoes by Cimabue – unfortunately lost during the development of Palazzo della Signoria. These are said to have depicted Madonna with Child – with Mary being described as having a greatness sweetness, whose ability to keep her son asleep gave her the nickname Madonna of the nun – which is how the street got it’s name; Via della Ninna.

Partly demolished in 1298 for the construction of the Palazzo Vecchio, and largely destroyed in the 1560’s following the plan of Giorgio Vasari for the Uffizi – all that remains are two large bricked in arches with large elegant columns of the nave. Taking a closer look over the railings and you are able to see the foundations of the church, along with a plaque with the words “Tra le cui mura nei consigli di popolo sonò la voce di Dante” within those walls, Dante’s voice rang out in the people’s councils.


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